Work at Hands-On Magazine

How to work at HANDS-ON?

You like HANDS-ON and you’re handy with words in both Vietnamese and English?

We have two vacancies you can apply for:


HANDS-ON is pretty much sourced by contributors from all over the globe that create the engaging content you read most days. We believe that there are some amazing HANDS-ON writers and editors out there whose voice must be heard too!

If you think you’re one of them and are keen to throw your hat in the ring as a contributor to HANDS-ON content, do let us know and shoot an email to us at [email protected]

If it helps understand what we are looking for, we created the below ‘What Makes A Good HANDS-ON Post’ check list:

  • It is an article, essay, rating, chart, review or overview you created yourself and it does not violate copyright or usage rights;
  • It is related to filmmaking industry;
  • It is engaging and shareable;
  • It does not seed hatred or discrimination;
  • You want as many people as possible to read it!



We need a sociable person to process all the partnership proposals we receive and approach other potential partners and collaborators, following up on discussions and agreements made. You can work from home as long as you deliver. Package is negotiable.

Hope you exist and hope to hear from you soon!