Travel Video: ‘Ha Long Bay’

Travel Video: ‘Ha Long Bay’

Jan Trnka: The Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has been on my travel list of a “must-see” destination since I watched the movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ with Pierce Brosnan.

Although the bay is shown in a few shots only in the movie, it really ignited my desire for similar adventures. This further dragged me into sending out couple of emails to travel agencies to offer joint venture through filming these locations for them. There are many travel agencies that provide a trip into a breathtaking location, ranging from day trips to three-day trips with a wide range of options of activities such as kayaking, floating villages, cave explorations, barbecue parties on the private beach and so on.

So I got lucky when I got an official invitation by one the most experienced travel agency in the Ha long Bay. I was super excited to leave for Vietnam with my girlfriend, Tyna. That invitation email is one of the most exciting emails I have ever opened!

Enjoy watching!


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