Trailer: ‘Pet Cematary’

Trailer: ‘Pet Cematary’

Paramount Pictures has released the first Pet Sematary trailer for the highly anticipated new Stephen King adaptation. Starry Eyes filmmakers Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer direct the new horror film from a screenplay by Jeff Buhler (Nightflyers) which revolves around a doctor (Jason Clarke) and his family who move from Boston to rural Maine and discover a mysterious burial ground. When tragedy strikes, the doctor turns to his unusual neighbor (John Lithgow), setting off a series of terrifying events.

King’s novel was published in 1983 and remains an iconic piece of horror literature. The original 1988 film adaptation has remained a fan favorite over the years, especially Fred Gwynne’s paternal performance as the friendly neighbor with a dark past, but this first trailer makes it pretty clear that Kölsch and Widmyer are looking to bring a rather different, updated spin on the material. For one thing, Jud doesn’t have an accent!

The film also stars Jeté Laurence and Hugo & Lucas LavoiePet Sematary hits theaters on April 5, 2019.


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