Trailer and Posters: ‘Hotel Artemis’

Trailer and Posters: ‘Hotel Artemis’

Red Band Trailer for upcoming ‘Hotel Artemis’ looks high-voltage, bloody and full of gun smoke. Jodie Foster, who hasn’t showed up for at least 5 years, plays The Nurse in a secret hospital for criminals, disguised as a hotel. Members-only service, built on Trust and Rules.

The events take place in near future, so the retro trailer nicely plays on the contrast.

The page-posters are amazingly crafted too.


Jodie Foster – “Nurse”

Sterling K. Brown – “Waikiki”

Sofia Boutella – “Nice”

Jeff Goldblum – “The Wolf King/Niagara”

Brian Tyree Henry -“Honolulu”

Jenny Slate – “Morgan”

Zachary Quinto – “Crosby”

Charlie Day – “Acapulco”

Dave Bautista – “Everest”

Vietnam Premiere: June 15


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