This Underwater Short Film Was Shot on a Bare iPhone X

This Underwater Short Film Was Shot on a Bare iPhone X

London-based filmmaker Frederic van Strydonck made this creative short film titled Spltch, which teleports the viewer to different locations through taking dips below the water’s surface. Everything was shot with an unprotected iPhone X.

“I recently decided to see how an iPhone would fare when filming underwater,” Van Strydonck tells PetaPixel. “The series of tests slowly became this weird little experimental short.

“I didn’t use any special waterproof casing for this. Just an iPhone.”

But before you try, know that the iPhone X isn’t designed to be used underwater. It’s tested to be water-resistant when submerged at a depth of 1 meter or less, but Van Strydonck didn’t push it too far with his camera: his iPhone X was never fully submerged, as he only dipped the top caption portion underwater during the course of filming.

Directed by Frederic van Strydonck
Sound by Nigel Woodford
Creative Producer: Andrei Grigore


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