Series About Sex Workers in Vietnam are Aired on VTV1

Series About Sex Workers in Vietnam are Aired on VTV1

A series on sex workers will be broadcast on prime time Viet Nam TV, promising to stir debate among audiences, said Do Thanh Hai, director of the Viet Nam Feature Film Centre.

Directed by Mai Hong Phong, the series Quynh Bup Be (Quynh The Doll) explores urgent issues facing modern society through the stories of prostitutes, some of who were tricked into being sold into prostitution; some of who had no choice, and some who even wanted to be professional sex workers.


The series starts with the life of Quynh, a beautiful girl from the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh. Quynh was kidnapped and sold to a brothel.

Through the story, the series also raises people’s awareness of the dilemma of human trafficking.

The cast includes veteran actors like Hai Anh and Nguyen Hai and young beloved faces like Thu Quynh, Phuong Oanh and Thanh Huong. They all star in the blockbuster series, such as Nguoi Phan Xu (The Arbitrator) and Song Chung Voi Me Chong (Living Together With Mother-in-law).

Hai believes the film will generate high ratings and win audiences’ hearts as the script is based on true stories.

The 30-episode series are broadcasted on VTV1 on Thursdays and Fridays starting June 22.


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