‘Rise for Climate’ Music Video Supports Global Movement

‘Rise for Climate’ Music Video Supports Global Movement

Climate change isn’t a distant, abstract problem — it’s here now. People all over the world are feeling the impacts, from island nations that are going underwater, to indigenous land being exploited for fossil fuel extraction.

350.org is an international environmental organization addressing climate change with the goal of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 ppm from the current level of 400 ppm – this is where the name of the organization is coming from.

Today 350‘s network extends to 188 countries, including Vietnam.

350 uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to oppose new coal, oil and gas projects, take money out of the companies that are heating up the planet, and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all.

“Vietnam is one of the country most affected by climate change, and at the same time, many of its cities are suffering from another crisis: air pollution. Yet it is planned to triple the current coal power capacity by 2030. I believe that in order to influence the policy, voices have to be heard from the communities, especially those at the front lines,” said Hong Hoang, Founder and Executive Director of CHANGE, also a former 350.org East Asia Co-coordinator.

A music video for the song “Rise for Climate”, joined by over 10 Vietnamese singers and kid talents, has been produced by a production company Novel. The song was composed by Thanh Bui, the famous musician and singer who also composed 350 Celebration for 350.org’s Global Power Shift in 2013. Being in both English and Vietnamese, Rise for Climate song is expected to go viral both globally and in Vietnam during RISE, and for a lot longer, to call for global unified actions to stop the climate crisis.

Help spread the video to raise awareness on climate change, air pollution, as well as promote renewable energy as a key solution to tackle both the climate and pollution crisis.

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Learn more about 350 and how you can support them here: https://350.org/ 


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