‘Pupparazzi’ on Nat Geo Wild is the First-Ever Photography Reality Show

‘Pupparazzi’ on Nat Geo Wild is the First-Ever Photography Reality Show

There’s a new reality TV show premiering that you may want to keep an eye on if you like photography-related content. It’s called Pupparazzi, and it’s purportedly the first-ever photography reality show.

Pupparazzi follows along with professional dog photographer Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography in Boston as she goes on dog photography adventures around the world.

“I’ve been filming a new reality show since January,” Greer tells PetaPixel. “It’s the first-ever unscripted recurring television show about a photographer and photography!”

Greer says the show also uses photography to give a voice to animals who have been forgotten in shelters. Here’s a description of the show according to The Wrap:

Call the “Pupparazzi!” Renowned pet photographer Kaylee Greer and her fiancé Sam have become some of the most sought-after “dogtographers” in the world. Their ability to capture unique, adorable portraits of dogs, cats and other four-legged animals has earned them a successful pet photography business and an impressive portfolio. Forget the clean white studio and pristinely combed coat, this creative duo would rather photograph “dogs being dogs” in all of their silly, unpredictable, playful glory. From shooting global ad campaigns for major dog food brands, to arranging photo shoots for shelter dogs to help them find their forever homes, to staging whacky themed portraits for private clients, “Pupparazzi” delves into the heartwarming, exciting and often comical world of pet photography. Expect a lot of laughs, “aww’s,” floppy ears and muddy paws as we look at what goes into photographing man’s best friend.

Here’s a short teaser for the upcoming show:

Pupparazzi: Supermodel Dogs

What happens when you turn dogs into supermodels? Adoption rates soar. New series Pupparazzi premieres September 15!

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