Music Video: ‘Rapid Eye Movements’ by Ha Tran, Produced by ‘Children Of’

Music Video: ‘Rapid Eye Movements’ by Ha Tran, Produced by ‘Children Of’

HANDS-ON recently bumped into a fascinating music video by Ha Tran, which takes you on a mystical doppelgänger journey with roller-coasting vocal of Ha and eerie lyrics in your head.

The title of the song, ‘Rapid Eye Movements’, refers to that stage of sleep when the most vivid dreams one can recall occur. The brain is half-awake and eyes move rapidly under shut eyelids. Familiar and rather creepy already, isn’t it? Put it into the ambience of an amazing, bad-tripping location the crew has found, and filming style that gives sense of presence to a viewer.

‘Rapid Eye Movements’ Behind the Scenes / Courtesy of ‘Children Of’

We spoke to Le Huy Anh, Director and creative brain behind this piece:

“To make it really simple, the entire project was a very easy hard decision that myself and a few close friends of mine made. My creative partner, Dominik Nghia Do, had co-written and co-produced the album “BAN NGUYEN BY HA TRAN” earlier in 2016, to critically-acclaim success. I myself was looking to experiment on a filmmaking project, tossing around the idea of making a music-based piece. The song came up and we made a pact. With no intention of financial return. As long as we knew exactly what was our limitations, we wanted practice our creativity without reservation.

I wrote a treatment, and at the core of the concept, revolving around an old theatre where alternate identities of the artist travel seamlessly. We were trying to make our own Spielberg, our own Hitchcock, our own Alejandro Iñárritu. Ha Tran, the artist, showed passionate support, as we all have to align our logistics to her traveling back to Vietnam from the U.S.

We found an old theatre, actually forgotten and never filmed before. We found a talented crew, willing to accompany us through the journey.

I’d like to attribute the completion of the film to the meticulous planning and execution. But then, I also want to attribute to will, belief, comradery and sheer luck.

We all have to start somewhere, may as well a dream.”

‘Rapid Eye Movements’ Behind the Scenes / Courtesy of ‘Children Of’

For our non-Vietnamese audience, here are the lyrics in English:

I, inside the dreams
Wander down the sunset-filled winding path, no passenger in sight
I, inside the dreams
Spread the sorrow among the longing crowds, life passing on til end of days
I, inside the dreams
Watch the falling leaves, one after one, still green
I, inside the dreams
Startled by silent chirps, a winged couple calling for the eternal resting
Through the night, I float through the night
I float in the shadows, the pain in me wanders like the a breeze
Through the night, the aroma carried through the night
I wait for the full moon, closing onto the stars, the darkest wild night
Absent of dreams
Whiteout of dreams
Sleep deprived of dreams
I, inside the dreams
Wander down the high-noon winding paths, under dying-leaf-drenched light
I, after the dreams
Stay awake weathering the pain that eats me
I, inside the dreams
Hear the ground-breaking whispers about me
I, in this abandoned realm
Startled by rattling wings, the empty branch left behind
‘Rapid Eye Movements’ Behind the Scenes / Courtesy of ‘Children Of’


Produced by: Children Of
Directed by: Le Huy Anh
Creative Directors: Dominik Nghia Do & Le Huy Anh
Director of Photography: Tung Bui
Production Designer: Do Ba Ty
Steadycam Operator: Huan Nguyen
Gimbal Operators: Huan Nguyen & Tung Bui
1st Assistant Camera: Duy VK
Gaffer: Pham Thai Tuan
Best Boy: Tran Ngoc Lam
Camera, Lighting & Grip by: PS Vietnam
Gimbal Provided by: Thong Kieu Flycam
Editor: My My & Le Huy Anh
Colorist: Le Huy Anh
Online: My My & Le Huy Anh
Shot on location at: Le Thanh B Theatre
Shot in studio at: Ty Ty Studio

Costume designer: Vo Cong Khanh
Make up artist: Tung Chau Academy
Talent manager: Mai Thang @AM5

Music written by: Dominik Nghia Do & Hoang Quan
Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Tran Thanh Phuong at ‘Thanh Phuong’ Studio

‘Ban Nguyen Band’
Vocals: Ha Tran ft. Marzuz
Drums: Nguyen Hung Cuong
Guitars: Tran Thanh Phuong
Bass: Hoang Hai Bang

Special thanks to: Tony Nhat Nguyen, Dzung Pham, Heo Moi, Nguyen Tan Loc, Do Dang Thuong, Huong Ngo, Thanh Giang Nguyen


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