Michel Gondry Series Suggests It Only Takes 8.2 Seconds to Fall in Love

Michel Gondry Series Suggests It Only Takes 8.2 Seconds to Fall in Love

The six “micro-movies” last just 8.2 seconds each.

How long does it take to fall in love? To hear Michel Gondry tell it, just 8.2 seconds — which, as fate would have it, is also the length of each micro-movie in “Las Vegas Love Stories,” a new series the “Eternal Sunshine” director created along with his son Olivier. “8.2 seconds is the attention span of a new generation,” the elder Gondry claims in a statement accompanying the trailer for his latest oddball project. “This is the time to fall in love. This is the length of our movies. It’s a bold concept.”

“It Is Decidedly So”
Faced with the joy of a newlywed couple in Las Vegas, a woman’s emotions take her on the ride of her life when she spots a man from afar.

“Room 802”
Two best friends see each other in a new light after a night out in Las Vegas.

“The Big Eight”
A woman spots love at first sight at a Las Vegas craps table and rolls the dice with one wish in mind.

“No Ordinary August”
A couple dives into their emotions in a Las Vegas resort pool.

“Night of the Scorpio”
An unstoppable force brings two people together to send sparks flying through the night in Las Vegas.

“Our Infinity”
After falling in love in a Las Vegas resort, a woman struggles with the uncertainty of her new romance.

The younger Gondry is best known for directing music videos for the likes of OK Go, the White Stropes, and the Chemical Brothers. “Las Vegas Love Stories” launches September 25.


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