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HANDS-ON is constantly in search for new Mentors!

Check out the positions we have available for the future workshops in Saigon and Ha Noi:

Producer (Production Coordinator)

Line Production Management

Budgeting & Scheduling

Set Etiquette

Script Writing

Ideation & Storytelling

Script Formats

Storyboard & Layout Artist 

Framing the Story

Camera Movement

Continuity and Script Supervision

Acting Couch

Acting Skills Training & Practice

Set etiquette


Modern Digital Cameras & Accessories

Camera Assistant’s Intensive

Set Etiquette

Sound Department

Audio Principals

Location Sound Recording

Set Etiquette

Art Department

Art Department Intensive

Set Etiquette

Assistant Editor

Post‐Production Intensive

Adobe Premiere CC Pro Editing Intensive

Editing Aesthetics


Please send your CV to us here: [email protected]