Jamie Maxtone Graham to Host Photo Workshop in Hanoi

A photo of people living by Long Bien Bridge taken by Graham.

Jamie Maxtone Graham to Host Photo Workshop in Hanoi

Those interested in learning more about contemporary photography can take part in a workshop with Jamie Maxtone Graham at Hanoi DocLab on August 6.

The workshop will explore contemporary post-war photographic theory and practice from the 1950s to the present through images, films and lectures.

Participants (amateur or professional) will shoot exercises weekly, present work for group critique regularly, conduct research for presentation and produce a final personal portfolio.

The emphasis is on seeing, perception and the particular nature of the photographic image.

Graham has been working for more than 20 years in narrative cinematography. He first came to Viet Nam in 1990 for the documentary From Hollywood to Hanoi and returned a number of times before settling in the city. His photographs have been featured in exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

Hanoi Doclab is located at 376/12/11 Thuy Khuê Street, Hanoi.


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