Indie Beat With Filmmaker Nick Hayes

Thousands upon thousands of people all asked the same question…

“When is the next episode of Indie Beat?”

We are proud to present the answer to this inquiry:


We spoke to filmmaker Nick Hayes, a director/producer/cinematographer based in Detroit, Michigan. While his day job is in the commercial world, his personal work has been focused on left-leaning activism. He’s done most of the video work for the podcast Street Fight Radio (a really fun show done by anarchist comedians Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby) and captured a number of demonstrations around the Detroit area (here is coverage of the Affordable Care Act repeal protest and here’s another centered around deportation).

He’s also done a number of music videos (a highlight being “Dirty Laundry” by the fantastic Chicago rapper Eshé Bhairavi) and a more traditional short documentary about the environmental dangers of road salt. Aside from video work, Hayes is building a streaming platform catered towards leftist entertainers.

Hayes and I chatted about politics, the desire to only consume apolitical content (and whether that even exists), how rational spending millions of dollars on making a movie is, and Wahlburgers. Plus more! Please give it a list, share it on your pages, and give us a “like” on Facebook!


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