I Took Apart My $2,300 Sony Lens to (Try to) Fix It Myself

I Took Apart My $2,300 Sony Lens to (Try to) Fix It Myself

I always put a lens hood on my lenses. Except… when they fall! As I recently finished shooting at 6 AM in the Maldives with my wife, I kicked my tripod with my Sony a7R IIISony 16-35 f/2.8 GM, and an ND-8 filter on it. The tripod fell over towards the ocean and, to my partial relief, fell on the wooden platform 7 feet (2m) below with the camera on it…

I document by tear down and repair in the 9-minute video above.

The lessons I took away from this experience are:

1. Always put the lens hood back on

2. When using a tripod, start by putting weight on it so that it’s less “kickable”

3. Always take a very cheap extra lens (and body) that you can use in case of emergency, even if it adds a bit of weight.

4. Be at peace with having expensive gear break.

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