Homecoming to Ha Tinh – Hoan Chau Land

Homecoming to Ha Tinh – Hoan Chau Land

Director Lê Nhâm Quý about his homecoming to Ha Tinh:

“Traveling is not about how far and how long you can go, but how you experience and feel about place you set your foot. It’s also true for a homecoming. Homecoming is totally different from all journeys in life. It may not bring to you the feeling of excitement as much as how you experience new lands, but it makes you moved to tears by reviving obsessive memories of the past in your thought. Neither a streetlight city nor a perfect place in my eyes, my Hoan Chau land is a pure simplicity nurtured from plain local people. The fresh of plants and water invades my senses and give me a clear feeling about parent’s home. I may travel around the world but the best moment in my entire life is about walking a small local road in Ha Tinh, listening to crickets’ sound, taking a deep breath of grass smell and feeling the peace of home.”

Sony a6300
Sigma 35Art
MC11 Mount converter
Phantom 3 professional
All shoots handheld

Directed and Filmed : Lê Nhâm Quý
Feature and Voice off : Lê Quỳnh Anh
Music : Eyes Wide Open – Tony Anderson
Musicbed Licensed


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