‘Game of Thrones’: Visit Westeros on Your Next Vacation

Photo: HBO

‘Game of Thrones’: Visit Westeros on Your Next Vacation

HBO announced an ambitious plan to turn multiple “Game of Thrones” Westeros filming locations in Northern Ireland into tourist attractions beginning in 2019. The popular fantasy series will soon wrap production after a decade of filming in the region, and soon fans will be able to visit the detailed sets that brought Westeros to life. Launching under the name of “Game of Thrones” Legacy Experiences, each intricate sets will also feature exhibitions of props, costumes, weapons, set decorations, models, and other production materials.

“HBO is thrilled to celebrate the work of the ‘Game of Thrones’ creative team and crew by preserving these locations and inviting fans to visit Northern Ireland and explore Westeros in person,” said HBO Vice President of Licensing and Retail Jeff Peters. “The opportunity to celebrate Northern Ireland’s pivotal role in the life and legacy of the show and share its culture, beauty and warmth is also a huge inspiration behind these Legacy projects.”

Sites being eyed for preservation include Stark residence Winterfell, Night’s Watch headquarters Castle Black, and Kings Landing, capitol of the Seven Kingdoms and home of the Iron Throne.

“The ‘Game of Thrones’ Legacy project will be a game changer for Northern Ireland on the global tourism level,” added John McGrillen, Chief Executive of Tourism for Northern Ireland. “We very much welcome this exciting announcement by HBO and look forward to welcoming many more visitors to our beautiful country as a result.”

Time to start saving up for a fur coat.


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