‘Future Shorts’ Are Back to Vietnam!

Global film festival returns to Saigon with a 2-hour screening show of world’s and Vietnam’s finest short films.

Future Shorts are the planet’s largest and most recognized network for filmmakers of short meter, it was established 13 years ago in UK and currently grew its footprint to about 100 cities in 40 countries.

In 2018, creative cartel The Spectacle Saigon officially partners again with Future Shorts to bring its quarterly selected programme to Vietnamese and international audience of those passionate for films and cinema.

In this Spring Screening the programme will accommodate 5 films selected by festival’s global curators and 5 features from filmmakers that live and work in Vietnam. The format has no room for rules – viewers will enjoy whole variety of ideas, genres and film execution.

Producer Becca Whitting said: “We couldn’t be happier to see how Future Shorts has grown since we started organizing the Vietnam edition. This Spring Screening is headed by five excellent films, to which we are excited to add a number of locally produced works. The Saigon Outcast venue will also provide more space for more people to come and see how a more experimental side to film can be equally enriching. We want everyone to enjoy, but also to reflect and ask questions to the many filmmakers attending. It’s all fun and films”.

Every most recent Future Shorts compilation cannot be simply found on YouTube, therefore the exclusive screening is strongly recommended for those who want to be on the frontline of cinephile trends and join world’s biggest community of short film creators and fans.

The screening starts at 08:00PM at Saigon Outcast [188 Nguyen Van Huong, D2] on June 1st and tickets will be available at the door. Of course, entry is free for filmmakers.

Visit Facebook page of the event for more details and updates.



ENCARNATION (France, 2017) | Dir. Chloe De Bourges, Fiction, 24 min.

After the death of his grandmother, Jack returns to the village where he grew up. He wanders the streets of his childhood, marked by the passage of time, remembering her stories.

THE FALL OF LENIN (Ukraine, 2017) | Dir. Svitlana Shimko, Documentary, 11 min.

A spiritual session with the ghost of Lenin guides us through our past, present and future. An ironic documentary film bidding farewell to the phantoms of the USSR in Ukraine.

TOUGH (UK, 2016) | Dir. Jennifer Zheng, Animation, 5 min.

New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstanding when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time.

AFTER SCHOOL NIGHT FIGHT (France, 2017) | Dir. Caroline Poggi, Fiction, 21 min.

This is the story of four young adults who do not want to say goodbye.

WANNABE (Austria, 2017) | Dir. Jannis Lenz, Fiction, 30 min.

Wannabe is the story of a young YouTuber, who builds herself a fictitious world on the internet.



LEAVING SAIGON (France/Vietnam) | Dir. Joséphine An Mai Page, 9 min.

Saigon. 80’s. A memory of a last night in Saigon. During the difficult times of the war aftermath, three young orphan sisters meet their friends the evening before leaving the country.

ĐẠO (France/Vietnam) | Dir. Robin & Cako, Documentary, 4 min.

“Đạo” is a short documentary film depicting a Vietnamese immigrant in France, Nhat Huy. He is doing a 24-hour trip in the south of the country, doing what he loves. Following his own path.

SPIRIT (Nepal) | Dir. Dillon M. Banda, 3min.

“Spirit” is a celebration of the human spirit, shot on location across Nepal in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and at the Nagi Gompa, Namo Buddha, Tamang and Kanying Sherub Ling monasteries, as well as at Pashupatinath temple. The film’s action follows a community of nuns and monks, young and old, as they prepare for a major ceremony, and is based on a poem spoken from the perspective of a narrator questioning the nature of their own existence.

A RIDE HOME (Singapore) | Dir. Sivaraj Pragasm, 10 min.

A private hire driver picks up an attractive, but seemingly intoxicated lady who alternates between coughing fits and trying to stir up an almost awkward conversation about death. A conversation that might just change his life.

PARING SOCKS (Vietnam) | Dir. Dương Hy, 11 min.

Different states of mind of a girl after an end of a relationship until she comes to accept that “Some people run away because they feel like they don’t belong here. Others prefer to stay at places even if they’re not made for us”.


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