First HANDS-ON Filmmaking International Workshop in HCMC, April 13-15, 2018

First HANDS-ON Filmmaking International Workshop in HCMC, April 13-15, 2018

If you missed our first Hands-On workshop in April, this article will give you complete idea of how it was run and we do hope to see you in our next workshops! 

These were three unforgettable days with our amazing international Students from Vietnam, UK, Sweden, USA and Canada, and an incredible team of Mentors from different disciplines in filmmaking, we truly enjoyed the good vibes and magic of creativity!


We started our early morning with introductions of the Mentors for that day – Director & Storyboard Artist Louis Barber Corallo (UK), Talent Management Expert Cory Jackson (Australia), Sound Design Expert Sebastian Perez (Colombia) and Layout Artist and DoP Rene Juul Madsen (Denmark).

Every film starts with an idea. It was a crazily funny exercise to throw a ‘skull-ball’ to each other randomly and each ball holder had to continue the story flow.

Once the idea was in place, the Students fleshed their scripts out, and no doubt is was a team genuine creation.

Louis Barber Corallo shared his skills in framing the story to make sure this story is told well. Recognizable reference material helped Students a lot to imagine and remember.

After a session dedicated to storyboarding, the winning script has been broken down into frames, and each participant prepared her/his own storyboard with regards to framing rules they just learned. Never worry if you are not confident with your drawing skills – even stickmen can do the job to explain the task to DoP.

Soon after that our Students have learnt about camera motion fundamentals, basic rules of transition between the frames, and other tips & tricks that they can now own.

After careful evaluation, we have selected the best frames for the final storyboard ready to be shot next…


Ok, you have a script and a storyboard – what’s next? Can you start shooting immediately, even if your hands are itching? If theater begins with a hanger, then film production starts with a Producer.

Our Mentor, Executive Producer Cecilia Ang (Singapore) has demistified the process of a film production, gave precious tips on how to budget and schedule, how to work with celebrities or hard-tempered directors, why a midget person must be found overnight if he contributes to the story, and how to be a true Mum for the project. We could continue her session till cows go home, so many stories she had to tell and so much knowledge to share.

As Students got the understanding of what team is required for the film that we all worked hard scripting and storyboarding the day before, we needed to give an understanding of ‘toys’ we will need and how to use them.

Director, DoP, Editor & HANDS-ON Co-Founder Goyo Gomez (Spain) has taught the basics of shooting with a digital camera, adjusting focus, importance of lens, usage of accessories, light equipment and many more.

Now it was time for an exciting session of sound recording. Sound Design & Editing expert Sebastian Perez explained the importance of the sound, why the quality of it must never be neglected, what tools are used to record it and which skills are required for a perfect final mix.

Finally the students were out of the room where they were caged in for theory and got their HANDS-ON some real action!

Cory Jackson gave a session on what is the process of casting talents for a project, what happens during auditions, fitting and makeup, how the talents should be treated at the set, and whether smoking can be dangerous for an actor.

Students had 4 sequences to shoot and each Student was changing the shoes after every sequence – from Casting Manager to Sound Design, from Cameraman to DoP, and, of course, Director.

If one wants to become a Filmmaker, it is essential to get an understanding of the skills and role of every member of the crew. You will definitely respect that ‘sound guy’ after you yourself hold a boom stick for endless minutes without any motion or a cigarette break.

We had amazing local talents to work with – My and Thông, who were not only professional, but also very patient, working with our HANDS-ON Students, most of who made a film for the first time. 

It was an incredible day, happy and rewarding.


Editing process demands a lot of patience and diligence – review the raw footage again and again, pick the best takes, trim them and put into a timeline.

Students learnt on their own common mistakes that Mentors allowed them to make: boom microphone that got into a frame or background noise that should have been silenced during the shoot.

The culmination of the three-days learning was the screening of the outcome, and every person in the Workshop was mentioned in the credits. That is, they can put their name on this film, and even if it looks amateur, we hope this Workshop experience will definitely become a jumping stone in their career.

HANDS-ON Certificate of Completion has been awarded to every participant!

Our Students may reach out to us any time they have questions or need support with their personal projects.

As friends, we celebrated team effort, passion and enthusiasm in the last day of HANDS-ON Filmmaking International Workshop.

We at HANDS-ON believe, that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied, therefore we will upload documented Q&A sessions from the Workshop to our Forum.

Don’t miss our Q&A sessions with our mentors, which we publish after the workshop:

  • Session on Film Producing from Cecilia Ang, Executive Producer from Singapore;
  • Talent Management insights from Cory Jackson, Casting Director and practiving drama teacher from Australia;
  • All about storyboards with Louis Barber Corallo, Director and Storyboard Artist from UK.

We thank again our Students, our Mentors, our media Partner Saigoneer, talent agency Clockwork Media and Start Co-working Campus that we called our home those three days.



Dariya Kham & Goyo Gomez

Please enjoy the full gallery here and our video from behind the scenes here.


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