DJI Releases the Ronin-S Handheld DSLR Stabilized Gimbal

DJI Releases the Ronin-S Handheld DSLR Stabilized Gimbal

I have used the DJI Ronin-M for over a year and stopped taking it with me because of its cumbersome footprint when I travel. The Ronin-S changes all of that and is the exact device I’ve been waiting for from DJI in the Gimbal market.

Gimbals have revolutionized how we film everything from home videos to blockbusters movies. As someone who typically films everything solo, using a gimbal like the Ronin-M quickly became a burden even though it was a great product. I have personally had my eyes on multiple one handed gimbals for quite some time but many of them couldn’t hold the weight I needed or were not a polished product that I wanted to rely on when I’m half way across the world. That all changes today with DJI’s release of their first single-handed stabilizer. 

Key Features

  • Cost $699
  • Eight pound payload
  • 12-hour battery time
  • Manfrotto quick-release system
  • Push mode allows you to adjust pan, tilt, and roll axis by hand
  • Sport mode allows you to change the response speed of the gimbal on the fly
  • Joystick adjustable positioning
  • Create automatic camera movements for Panoramas, Time-lapses, Motion, and more
  • Control camera settings remotely through DJI app
  • Accessories add the ability to control focus or work in tandem remotely
  • Modular design allows for compact travel and accessibility to be used with vehicle mounts, jibs, and dual-handle systems

One of the largest benefits to a single-handed gimbal is the ability to set it down without the need for stand. DJI has gone a step further and added the ability to create time-lapses and motion-lapses using the gimbal. This is a big deal for someone who travels as light as possible, giving them the ability to shoot video with a gimbal and add motion to time-lapses all in one device. There is a long list of Cameras and lenses that DJI has personally tested for compatibility that you can find here. The gimbal market already has quite a few single handed stabilizers but none of them do everything right. The ability to add and interchange accessories, create motion time-lapses, create on the fly movement profiles, and also having some of the best software support at such a competitive price really pushes the Ronin-S to the forefront of the market.


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