A Spanish Director starts the adventure of making an Indie film in Vietnam

A Spanish director starts the adventure of making an indie film in Vietnam ” The Girl from Dak Lak “

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Román is ready to start the funding of a Vietnamese film in a country where only a couple of them reach the screens every year.

More than 5 out of the 8 million people living in Saigon come from different areas of the country, mainly rural communities. Trinh (17) is one of them. Determined to mark her own territory in the big city, Trinh enters the world of Saigon’s migrant workers and meets a jealous colleague, who will make accusations which could ruin Trinh’s reputation aspirations for a successful life in the big city.

This is the plot of The Girl From Dak Lak, a story inspired in real testimonies that the director has been compiling during the last months.

The Girl From Dak Lak belongs to a more independent Vietnamese film style that little by little is breaking through the local culture, and starting to be more visible in a society more prone to romantic comedies, horror movies and Marvel sequels.

The film will fund itself by crowdfunding, a strategy that is growing in Vietnam due to initiatives like Comicola. The director and the crew have shot a teaser in order to show the actual film’s style.. They are sharing it on their website and Facebook.

After the crowdfunding campaign, The Girl From Dak Lak will start locking casting and locations. Filming will be scheduled for April and May, just before the rainy season starts, compromising outdoor’s photography operations.

Pedro Román

Director of “La chica de Dak Lak”

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