How popular is Vietnam as a big projects’ shooting destination?

How popular is Vietnam as a big projects’ shooting destination?

Just in the recent time Vietnam appeared to be the shooting location for two motion pictures featuring Hollywood celebrities. A retired boxer in now showing ‘Girls 2’ and full cast of ‘Kong: Skull Island’ (however, only Samuel L. Jackson was spotted in Tan Son Nhat airport).

Can you recall other celebs or acclaimed directors joining shooting in Nam? Share in the comments! 

Former heavyweight boxing champion of the world Mike Tyson has joined the cast of Girls 2 directed by Hong Kong director Barbara Wong Chun Chun, a film which has most of the scenes filmed in Vietnam.


In the film, Tyson appeared in a scene wearing an ao ba ba or Vietnamese silk ensemble, a traditional southern Vietnamese garment, selling fruits on a local floating market in the Mekong Delta region.

The action-comedy Girls 2 is produced by Vietnamese actor Tran Bao Son who plays the main role confronting a villain played by Tyson. Up to 95% of the film scenes were shot in Vietnam

The ‘Kong: Skull Island’ shoot took Jackson and the rest of the crew to Hawaii in the US and Queensland, Australia, before they reached the north of Vietnam, where they travelled from Hanoi to Trang An, Tam Coc, Ha Long Bay and the entrance to the Tu Lan caves system. He fondly recalls his time in the mountainous north, where he watched the locals go about their daily routines as he made his way to set each morning.

Born in Washington, DC, but raised in Tennessee, Jackson’s work has taken him all over the globe, whether shooting or promoting his projects. He is renowned for carrying out the latter with dignity and a sense of humour, and during a recent roundtable interview he told Southeast Asia Globe that of all the fantastical locations he has worked in over his 40-year career, Vietnam is his favourite.

“It’s a very interesting place, a very cool place, a very mysterious place. It’s beautiful. Wow. It’s a fascinating place to be – very spiritual. Even if you don’t believe in certain things, you feel things when you’re there. You kind of see them, and you watch the people,” he said.


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