35 Vietnamese Movies Will Be Screened at HANIFF

A scene from "Song Lang"

35 Vietnamese Movies Will Be Screened at HANIFF

The Vietnam Cinema Department has released a list of 35 contemporary Vietnamese films to be presented at the upcoming 5th Hanoi International Film Festival (HANIFF V), with 21 feature movies and 14 short films.

Twenty-one contemporary feature films, including new hot films that have just opened in theatres, will be screened free of charge during the festival in Hanoi, such as “Song Lang”, “Co can nha nam nghe nang mua” (Like an old house), and “Da co hoai lang” (Hello Vietnam).

The contemporary film screening projects also gather award winning films, as well as films of public interest.

A highlight of this year’s programme is the new award for the Most Popular Vietnamese Film (for feature films) voted for by the audience.

In addition, 14 short films, including documentaries and cartoons, will also be featured as part of the film festival.

The HANIFF V will take place from October 27 to 31 with the participation of over 500 feature and short films (documentaries, scientific films and animation) from nearly 50 countries and territories worldwide.


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