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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Poster Mistake Gives Bucky His Real Arm Back

Marvel fans are scrutinizing every piece of new Avengers: Infinity War promo art that’s released – which is why it’s so surprising that the Marvel Studios marketing department has let so many big continuity mistakes slip through! For example:

This image on the Chinese Avengers: Infinity War poster was spotted by eagle-eyed fans on Reddit, who noticed one big error in the image: Bucky’s new bionic arm isn’t quite “finished” in its presentation, here. From the image, it’s clear that actor Sebastian Stan was given a sleeve and glove to wear, which are supposed to look like the new Wakandan bionic arm fashioned for him by Shuri. The actual bionic arm in the movie will be completed with CGI effects, but Marvel clearly went with something more practical for this photo shoot. But then, there’s practical, and then there’s just plain sloppy. Stan’s real arm can clearly be seen between a breach in the glove and sleeve, ruining the illusion entirely.


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