20 Mistakes of Marvel movies that you will not miss-2

18. German cops in Romania – Captain America: Civil War

While misrepresenting flags is bad enough, the Captain America films have made other glaring mistakes in depicting national identities on screen. For example, the Bucharest cops who chase Cap and Bucky in Civil War have the German word “Polizei” written on their vests instead of the Romanian word “Politia.”

17. German police cars have the wrong lights – The Avengers

Based on the previous example, Marvel seemingly has a hard time correctly identifying the German police force. Besides mistaking the Politia for the Polizei, 2012’s Avengers sees Loki attacking cop cars in Stuttgart that feature amber lights. In reality, German police vehicles use blue lights.

6. Star-Lord’s impossibly awesome mix tape – Guardians of the Galaxy

One of Guardians of the Galaxy’s most memorable features was its retro soundtrack, which came courtesy of Star-Lord’s “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” on cassette tape. Nevertheless, the prop tape used in the 2014 film illustrates a lack of research on Marvel’s part. Though given to Star-Lord in 1988, this particular brand of cassette was actually introduced in 1993.


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